Senior Adult Ministry

Who counts as a Senior Adult?

Okay...we know this is a sensitive question! We generally include all adults aged 55 and older within our “senior adult” ministry, but if you feel like you qualify, you are welcome.

Do you have a Senior Adult Minister?

Yes, John Nauman is currently our Pastor of Senior Adult Ministry. Also, each of the Pastors works hard to minister across all generations at Grace.

What opportunities do you have for senior adults?

Sunday School

  • This is a great place to begin when it comes to meeting people and growing in your faith.
  • We have many different classes suited for Senior Adults. Come join us this Sunday at 9:30am.

Wednesday Nights

  • We offer many Wednesday Night ministries for you to get involved with. You can Volunteer with our youth or kids departments. You can help prepare and serve meals. You can attend our Adult Bible Chapel.
  • These all offer a great opportunity to study Scripture, pray together, discuss faith, and encourage one another.
  • Come join us the Wednesday.

Monthly Meeting

  • 3rd Thursday of the Month | 11:00am | Fellowship Hall
  • Bring a side dish or dessert (we’ll provide the meat & drinks). Fun, fellowship, and faith.

Combined Senior Adult Activities

  • Holiday Events
  • Occasional Trips
  • Service and Ministry Opportunities in the Local Communities

Date & Time