Want to be a part of the choir?

Choir meets every Wednesday night at 6:30 pm.

New members are always welcome.

Re "Choir" ments!

Alive and Breathing

At least 15 years old

Love the Lord


We will begin our Christmas Music Soon...come be a part of it.

New Choir Members Wanted

Do You Play an instrument?

Do you play an instrument?  

Do you want to be part of our worship team?

Do you want to be a part of our Christmas events/musicals? 

If so, then please contact Brother Dink by using the form above.

Questions or Comments?

Please contact Bro. Dink by using the form below:

Guitar, drums, violin, flute, oboe, saxophone, clarinet.

You can be a vital part of our worship experience...no matter what instrument you play.

Come Connect with the music ministries at GBC.